Thanks for the Nikon D500, Uncle Sam!

I have no self-control...

Got a tax refund and before I knew what hit me, I'm a proud new owner of a Nikon D500 straight from the world's most interesting electronics store, B&H Photo, Video, & Pro Audio in NYC (Sorry, Radio Shack). Couple with four lenses I've accumulated over the last few years, I can handle most everyone I'd like to photograph.

This thing is a beast. Thanks for the recommendation, Rod Mar! 10 frames per second, incredible low-light performance, an insane auto-focus system, 4K video, tilting touch screen, and a bunch of other features I haven't even completely uncovered yet. I actually like that it's a crop-sensor. It takes beautiful pics, is smaller & lighter than its full-frame big sibling, and the lenses are cheaper. If it's good enough for Rod, it's good enough for me.

Here are a few shots with it from the first few days.

Midtown Manhattan Food Cart

Midtown Manhattan Food Cart

This was one of my first pics with the camera. Might not be the most compelling photo ever, but important for a couple of reasons.

First, it was cute watching these two play ring-around-the-food cart. The customer circling, trying to locate the owner who had stepped away to tend to his Nuts 4 Nuts stand next door. Language differences be damned, this guy was on a mission for hot dogs and it turned into a heart-warming moment.

Secondly, I can't believe this was taken at ISO 1250. It's CLEAN. This pic would have had more noticeable grain on my old D7000.

Chess  Master

Chess  Master

A few days later on the weekend, I was itching to get out and shoot more. I hopped on the 1 Train headed south to Washington Square Park. NYU graduates were out in force taking graduation pictures, activists were protesting something (not getting much attention), and in the SW corner of the park - there was chess.

I came upon the young girl playing against a much older gentlemen. I asked her nearby father if I could take a few pictures. You could see the gears turning in her head. Thoughtful. Hesitant. Concerned. Excited. All in a matter of seconds. Snapped this photo right after she made her move and looked to her father for approval. I don't know a thing about chess, but it must have been the right move. Her older opponent grinned and pointed at her.

Got the father's email and told him I'd send him a few of the pics I captured. I was nervous hitting send on that email later that night. I've never sent a stranger one of my pics. My grandmother tells me how much she likes my photos. But she's my grandma. She'd tell me that even if they are shit.

The father responded quickly, thanking me and stating how much he loves the images. WHEW! He also asked for my Instagram account (don't use all that much) and anywhere else I post my photos (nowhere except Facebook and 500px).

I've now got the bug. I've got a logo, a website, and some ideas. Stay tuned!